Would you be brave enough to hit Michael Bay in the face? How about with an air conditioner as a weapon?

Actually, assault-with-a-deadly-air-conditioner sounds like a perfect tactic in a Michael Bay movie like Pain & Gain or Bad Boys II, but it was an unplanned part of his real life on the set of Transformers: Age of Extinction, which is currently filming in Hong Kong. The initial report from Reuters said that Bay was attacked by two brothers who demanded he pay them 100,000HK (about $13,000). As it turns out, Empire got a more detailed story from Bay's press representative, and it's way stranger than that:

Contrary to several erroneous news reports, Bay did not get hurt in a fight on his set. The production company did have a rather bizarre encounter with a man (allegedly under the influence of a narcotic substance) who was wielding an air conditioning unit as his weapon of choice.

Bay ducked when the man swung the A/C unit at his head and wrestled it from the attacker's hands, then allowed the police and security team to step in. "No one on the cast or crew was injured," says Empire, which contradicts Reuters' claim that Bay had injuries on the right side of his face but turned down treatment because "he did not believe his injuries were serious." He gets bonus badass points for fending off an air conditioner instead of just some man's fists, but negative badass points for not actually getting injured in the process. How else will he have awesome scar stories to tell the guests he's coerced inside his mansion?

Meanwhile, production on the fourth Transformers film continues on, and the Hong Kong shoot is far from the first time the production has courted that massive Chinese audience. They've been filming for four and a half months in places as varied as Arizona, Utah, Texas, Detroit, Chicago and Washington state. Though Mark Wahlberg is the biggest star by far (aside from Optimus Prime, of course), the story seems likely to center around a kid played by Jack Reynor, an up and comer who may well become your new Shia Labeouf. The cast also includes Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer, Nicola Peltz, T.J. Miller and, of course Chinese actors cast on a reality show. Just the way any American blockbuster finds its actors.

Age of Extinction opens June 27. If one of the robots looks a whole lot like an air conditioning unit, you'll know why.

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