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Friday The 13th is getting rebooted. Again. You can thank (or rage at) Michael Bay, whose Platinum Dunes is resurrecting the slasher franchise for Paramount Pictures. While we've known about this project since last November, the latest development is that Bay and his fellow producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form have nearly wrangled one of the directors of the horror anthology V/H/S to take the film's helm.

The Wrap reports filmmaker David Bruckner has entered into negotiations to direct the Friday the 13th reboot. Bruckner is described as a "genre veteran" by The Wrap, but in truth he's worked on two horror features: V/H/S and The Signal, neither of which required him to helm the entire film by himself. Basically, Friday the 13th will mark Bruckner's feature directorial debut.

Bruckner earned his first director credit in 2007 with the release of The Signal, a horror-thriller broken into three chapters. The story centered on a pair of lovers attempting to survive an apocalyptic scenario where a strange transmission turns many average Americans into merciless killers. Bruckner wrote and directed the film alongside Dan Bush and Jacob Gentry. While the film's reviews were ultimately mixed, I thought it was an inventive and fun take on the end-of-the-world genre. However, the shared direction and three-chapter structure makes for a tone that is inconsistent at best and jarring at worst. Nonetheless, I'd recommend it.

Check out the trailer for The Signal below:

In 2012, Bruckner teamed up with 10 other helmers to cobble together the messy and malevolent V/H/S, a horror flick made up of a string of scary shorts. His contribution to the found footage anthology was "Amateur Night," a mean monster story where a trio of skeevy guys (among them a would-be rapist) decide to lure women back to a hotel room for sex - which they will covertly film with hidden cameras. But their night gets wild in a way they don't expect when one of these women turns out to be a castrating monster.

For me, "Amateur Night" was one of the lowest points of a deeply misogynistic and sloppy movie . So I'm not especially excited to hear that Bruckner could get his hands on Jason Voorhees. His involvement has some speculating that Friday the 13th might be rebooted in the found footage genre. With loads of sex-crazed teens recording the murderous mayhem of Camp Crystal Lake on iPhones maybe? Let's hope not.

Notably, this is the second Friday the 13th reboot in just five years, as a version of Jason's origin was revisited in 2009. It too was called Friday the 13th and critics hated it, but the $19 million feature brought in $65 million domestic. That was not enough to spur a sequel apparently, but enough to urge one more go at this very familiar killer tale.

The new Friday the 13th - which will actually be the 13th installment in the franchise - will hit theaters Friday, March 13, 2015
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