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While I'm not sure how I feel about General Zod being the villain in Man of Steel, the official title of the next Superman movie, you have to be a complete lunatic to not appreciate the fact that they landed Michael Shannon for the part. The man is insanely talented and one of the few actors working today that can send a shiver down your spine with a simple cold stare. What makes the casting strange, though, is not that director Zack Snyder would want him for the part, but that he would want to play it, as he normally sticks to independent features and a Superman movie is the opposite of independent. Now his first reactions to the part have found their way online.

Discovered by a reader over on /Film, Shannon recently sat down for a Q&A session at the RiverRun International Film Festival when the subject of Man of Steel came up. They posted a video from the event which has Shannon discussing his first meeting with Snyder, how they presented it to the folks at Warner Bros., and screentesting with Henry Cavill.

Check out the video below.