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After Heath Ledger’s family stepped up on stage to accept his Best Supporting Actor Oscar, I think most assumed the award would stay with them. Not so fast, he has a daughter.

The Oscar belongs to his next of kin, in this case his daughter Matilda. Matilda however is only 3 so the statue will be entrusted to her mother, Heath’s ex-fiance Michelle Williams, until Matilda is 18. Williams will have ownership of the trophy until then, and the LA Times reports that the trophy will be presented to her next week.

The trophy is currently in the hands of the Ledger estate, which will bring the statuette you saw on stage with Ledger’s parents in for attachment of the engraving plate, after which it will be handed over to Michelle.

It seems the Academy’s rules are pretty strict in this instance, though it seems somewhat odd to think of Ledger’s statue being handed over to a woman he broke up with before his death. While there’s every reason to think Michelle will take great care of it for her daughter, somehow it just seemed right, seeing it there on stage in the hands of his family, imagining them guarding it until Matilda was ready to hear the life story of her amazing father from the people who loved him most.