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While Milla Jovovich certainly has had some high points in her acting career (The Fifth Element, Dazed and Confused, Zoolander), there are plenty of bad movies balancing things out. Largely consisting of action/sci-fi/horror pictures, it seems as though establishing her niche as a tough chick outweighs any desire to appear in movies with any redeemable qualities. Working with David R. Ellis isn't going to help that.

Speaking with Movie Hole, director Ellis confirmed previous rumors that Jovovich would star in his upcoming horror film Bad Luck. Budgeted at $30 million, Jovovich will play a member of a group of friends who suddenly become victims of superstitions they don't believe in.

After having my soul abused while watching The Final Destination, it's hard to understand why Jovovich would do this film. For being a model-turned-actress, she has demonstrated ability in the past, so why squander talent? In the last six years, the average score for one of her movies stands at 25.4%, while in the past she worked with Richard Attenborough, Luc Besson, Richard Linklater, and Spike Lee. She can do better.

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