Mindy Kaling Joins Jason Segel's Five Year Engagement

Office star Mindy Kaling has officially boarded the new Jason Segel/ Nicholas Stoller team-up Five Year Engagement. Already in the planning stages for months, the film follows Jason Segel and Emily Blunt as they ebb and flow through a sometimes trying engagement. It's shooting as we speak in Ann Arbor, and Kaling will play a graduate student in one of co-star Rhys Ifans' classes.

You may remember the last time Segel and Stoller worked on a project together audiences were treated to the absolutely wonderful Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Ordinarily, I'd say the lack of plot description would be a bad sign, but these two tend to keep their scripts close to the vest. For months prior to the first trailer, all we heard about Sarah Marshall was “guy runs into his ex-girlfriend in Hawaii”. That one turned out pretty well; so, I'm willing to give Five Year Engagement the benefit of the doubt.

According to Variety, Judd Apatow is also on board as a producer, but with all of Segel's previous success, expect the acclaimed director to be mostly hands off in this production.

Fun fact: if you're interested in playing Six Degrees on how Mindy Kaling got here: her Office co-star John Krasinski is dating Emily Blunt, who's the female lead here, or she starred in The 40-Year Old Virgin, which was directed by Judd Apatow, who is producing Five Year Engagement.

Mack Rawden
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