Welcome to Captain America: The Winter Soldier week on CinemaBlend! Joe and Anthony Russo’s sequel finally reaches theaters here in the U.S., and Marvel fans across the country likely will be camped out in lines outside theaters waiting to get their first look at Chris Evans in action as the head of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Eric, as you know, gave Captain America: The Winter Soldier a perfect 5-star grade. And his interview with Marvel President Kevin Feige cemented Cap as the focal point of the MCU for years to come.

Which got me speculating. If Marvel is willing to go the Winter Soldier route for Cap’s second adventure, which storyline might power future Captain America stories, like that already announced Captain America 3? Does this photo give you any hints?

Civil War

Give the Monday Movie Memo a spin, and dig into potential Captain America plotlines that Marvel could (and should) explore with this fascinating character. Know that the conversation gets VERY spoilery (even though I haven’t seen The Winter Soldier yet). And weigh in with your favorite Cap plots. Which comics do YOU want to see converted to the big screen?

We have so many amazing Captain America: The Winter Soldier stories planned for this week, so keep it locked on CinemaBlend as we prepare you for what we are saying is one of the greatest Marvel movies ever to his theaters!

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