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Guys. This is unacceptable. Doug Liman's Edge of Tomorrow rode a wave of critical praise (90% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes) into theaters over the weekend, but only earned $29.1 million ... good for a third place finish.

Losing to the YA romance The Fault In Our Stars isn't an insult. That film also has fantastic reviews, and an interested fan base. But Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt couldn't top Maleficent in its second weekend, and the slow start for Edge of Tomorrow is troubling, for various reasons.

We discuss why the slow start is bad for the film industry, in general, and how we can correct it! Give it a listen.

Edge of Tomorrow

In the meantime, here is our review of Edge of Tomorrow:

Our conversation about the movie's fantastic use of 3D:

A debate about Tom Cruise's best performance:

And this open forum, where fans are able to discuss the movie with SPOILERS!

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