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Monopoly Movie Plot Revealed, Ridley Scott's Involvement Explained

A collective "What the fuck?" escaped the lips of many a film fan last November when it was announced that Ridley Scott would be directing a Monopoly movie. Half of us wondered what exactly a Monopoly movie would be about, while the other half merely questioned Scott's sanity. Fortunately (?), it all has been explained. Frank Beddor, who is producing the film and wrote the story, sat down with the L.A. Times to explain just what's going on with the Hasbro project, and it's as weird and dumb as you would expect.

According to the producer, the film centers on a real estate agent living in Manhattan who sucks at his job, but is really good at playing Monopoly (Doesn't the presence of dice make it as much a luck game as a skill game?). The man then gets a hair up his ass about breaking the world record for most consecutive hours playing Monopoly and tries to get his friends to go along with him. The group then gets in a big fight about a girl the protagonist likes (shock) and our hero has a hissy fit and storms off, slamming a Chance card down on the table (que dramatic music). The next morning, he wakes up with the Chance card in his hand and Monopoly money lining his pockets: he has been transported to Monopoly City. As the film moves forward, the man learns that he needs to defeat the "evil Parker Brothers," and occasionally runs into icons from the game (i.e. a sports car, a wheelbarrow, a horse). He also runs into Uncle Pennybags who, despite his name, must be quite poor since he works as a maître d', a buggy driver AND as a doorman at the opera.

With that wonderfully stupid premise on the table, you now must now wonder what the hell Ridley Scott sees in the project. Well, apparently the director had this to say at the pitch meeting:

"I will tell you why – it’s all the things you just said and the fact that I had these epic Monopoly battles with my family when I was young."

So there you have it: the Oscar nominated director is now choosing projects that remind him of his childhood. Thank God this phase of his career didn't come sooner or Blade Runner could have been a home movie of Ridley swinging the ol' cricket bat with dad.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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