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Mike and Sully, the characters voiced by Billy Crystal and John Goodman, were the best of friends when they were first introduced to us in Pixar's Monsters Inc., but as the previews for Monsters University have shown us, that wasn't always the case. In fact, when the two first met in college they became bitter rivals. And that rivalry is on full display in this new clip, which comes to us courtesy of Yahoo!

This scene is actually a wonderful representation of why Monsters University is an example of Pixar returning to form, as I noted after seeing an early cut of the film last month. Mike talking in his sleep about a princess and a stable boy is great referential humor, reconnecting Crystal with the universally-beloved Princess Bride, and the commotion in the scene, from the two monsters fighting for space to Mike knocking the fur out of the upper mattress, is a wonderful mix of beautiful animation and physical humor.

Directed by Dan Scanlon, the prequel follows Mike and Sully as they both enter the titular school looking to become scarers. The two end up fighting for rank socially and academically, but when an in-class accident causes them to both be kicked out of the scaring program, they have no choice but to team up, prove their worth, and fight their way back in. The amazing supporting cast includes returning stars Steve Buscemi and and John Ratzenberger (of course), as well as newcomers Helen Mirren, Alfred Molina, Dave Foley, Sean Hayes, Joel Murray, Peter Sohn, Charlie Day, Nathan Fillion, Bobby Moynihan, Julia Sweeney, Aubrey Plaza, Tyler Labine, John Krasinski, Bonnie Hunt, and Beth Behrs.

Monsters University will be in theaters on June 21st.

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