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Most of the details we've gotten about Avatar 2 over the last few weeks have come from James Cameron himself, who seemingly loves nothing more than talking up his next project and reminding you, by the way, that Avatar made a whole lot of money, didn't you hear? But Cameron isn't the only one gearing up for the sequel that has no set production date yet. The folks at Weta, the special effects house that gave us both Gollum and Neytiri, have a few details on the sequel as well, and they shared them with Market Saw.

The first thing to know is that there is a specific sequel planned, but they're already eyeing trilogy and beyond-- "The sky is no limit for this universe," as they put it. Avatar 2 is set to take place several years after the events of the original film, and will "lay the groundwork for the other moons in the system," whatever that means. The most interesting part actually may qualify as a SPOILER, so be warned:

"Oh and Pandora has a lot of shit coming its way. Break out the space marines, looks like some bugs need a stomping."

So basically Avatar 2 is going to be Aliens, but with blue alien people fighting even creepier looking aliens? If some of the original alien bugs don't make a cameo I know I'll be hugely disappointed.

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