Today we see the end of yet another epic cinematic tale with the release of The Hunger Games: MockingJay - Part 2, the fourth part of the trilogy (because Hollywood likes to count the same way Douglas Adams does). As hard as the studio has tried to prevent it, the films are now over. Aren’t they? We already know the studio is looking at ways to keep the franchise going. Director Francis Lawrence now says he would love to direct more films in the series. On the condition that the stories come from the same source that the original trilogy did.

Lawrence seems to feel very strongly that author Suzanne Collins is the gatekeeper to The Hunger Games and that any plans to make more don’t really count unless they’re her plans.
If there were ever more stories, I think they’d have to come from Suzanne Collins. She has to have a new idea and theme that she’s interested in and think up new stories to tell around the world of Panem. She’s the mother of these characters and of this world and if she had another story she wanted to tell about something, something she wanted to write about, then I’d be in in a second.

Francis Lawrence’s comments to Yahoo Movies are probably very welcome to most fans. Suzanne Collins was the creator of the novels and the person that most people would look to for additional stories. If the studio tries to recruit another writer to pick up the story without Collins on board, it would certainly be looked at with suspicion. Presumably Collins didn’t write the first book with the belief that it was going to become a global phenomenon. This gives her more credibility with fans that she would write another story with the story in mind first, and the paycheck second. The director certainly seems to hold this view.

Still, if she does write another book there will certainly be a nice big paycheck attached. The movie options will be sold before the book is even published. At this point, these things are foregone conclusions. Such a thing has to be tempting, regardless of how closely you hold the story and characters you created. Not to say she would intentionally write a bad story, she probably wouldn’t, but if she felt the need to write more, even if it was with the fans in mind, not the studio, she might be pushed to write something even if she didn’t quite feel it.

Would you like to see Suzanne Collins write another Hunger Games book? Can another film be good, even if she’s not involved? Do you want to see more films in this series? Let us know what you think.
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 5h The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 Sydney Skubic
The Hunger Games 5h The Hunger Games Sydney Skubic
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