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If you've been looking forward to checking out Morgan Spurlock's documentary about Comic-Con, we've got good news for you: it's finally found a distributor. THR says that Wrekin Hill and the National Entertainment Collectibles Association have teamed up to acquire the distribution rights for Spurlock's Comic-Con Episode IV -- A Fan's Hope. Never heard of either of those entities? Me neither, but all that matters is that now you might get a chance to see Spurlock's new flick in a theater near you.

So when might that happen? The movie will be kicking off a multi-city promotional tour around the country in spring 2012, and the movie's release should be timed to correspond with that. The tour will include screenings of the movie, giveaway contests, and Q&As with the filmmakers. So, basically it's the sort of stuff you'd find on the schedule at Comic-Con itself, which is only appropriate, I suppose. Here's what Joel Weinshanker, a spokesman for NECA had to say:

"In the spirit of the film, we plan to go out on the road with the filmmakers to cities across the country so that fans and audiences can see the film in large theaters and small arenas, with Q&As, contests, give-aways and all sorts of special cultural presentations."

Comic-Con Episode IV was filmed during the 2010 Comic-Con in San Diego, during which Spurlock and his cameras followed a group of attendees around and tried to chronicle the madness of one of the largest fan gatherings on the planet. Extra nerd points were earned by having Joss Freakin' Whedon and Ain't It Cool News founder Harry Knowles on board as a producers.

So, is the movie actually any good? It's already toured several festivals and received some positive buzz. (You can read some of Katey's thoughts from the Toronto Film Festival right here.)