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The first ever trailer for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor popped up online this morning as promised. Unfortunately if you went looking for it on MSN as Universal told you to, you might have had a tough time finding it. Universal sold the trailer to MSN as an exclusive, and MSN hasn’t even gone out its way to feature it very prominently. It’ll take a few minutes of poking around their site to figure out where they’ve hidden it, but I’ll save you the trouble and tell you to just go here.

It’s also available in high-def… of a sort. MSN really is the worst place ever to debut a trailer. Not since MTV overdrive has any trailer delivery system sucked this much.

As for the trailer, well it’s alright. It’s Mummy stuff, about what you’d expect. I do get a little leery whenever a movie touts itself as “beyond imagination”. That line got old shortly after Tron used it in its advertisements back in 1982.

Watch the new Mummy 3 trailer here.

Universal has also released a big stack of cool new stills for the film. I’ve added them to our image gallery, just click the pic below to see them all.