The only thing more fun than watching the annual boozy Golden Globes awards show-- which takes place on January 15 this year-- is complaining about how many mistakes they made with the nominations. WIth the full list of nominees announced this morning, we've had time to pore over all the names and notice some glaring omissions, bizarre inclusions, and the impossible challenge to compare the work Kristen Wiig did in Bridesmaids against Michelle Williams's performance in My Week With Marilyn. But since we're in the mood to feel indignant, lets' go over the five biggest snubs of the day-- and what it might mean for the big kahuna of awards, the Oscars. If you want to read about all the craziness that went down in the TV half of the nominees, you can also check out Kelly's analysis here.

1. The Muppets were robbed! It was a slightly long shot for them to find a nomination in the Best Comedy or Musical category-- though it's the only true musical out there this year-- but the movie should have been a shoo-in in the Best Original Song category, with ditties like "Life's A Happy Song" and "Pictures in My Head" that I've still got stuck in my head weeks later. Instead the Best Original Song lineup contains craziness like "The Keeper" from Machine Gun Preacher-- I'm one of about 8 people who saw that movie, and i don't remember that song at all. I have to imagine the Oscars won't pass up the chance to have The Muppets performing live onstage, but come on Golden Globes-- you whiffed big time on this one.

2. Melissa McCarthy was robbed! She's been emerging through a series of critic's awards as a dark horse frontrunner for Best Supporting Actress, and even snagged a SAG Award nomination to prove it. Then, somehow, even though Bridesmaids got two other nominations including Best Musical or Comedy, she got left out in favor of.. Janet McTeer of Albert Nobbs? Berenice Bejo of The Artist? Both perfectly lovely performances, but none as attention-getting or bananas as McCarthy's. I still say she's got a shot at that Oscar nomination, but it's mystifying how she missed out here.

3. Gary Oldman was robbed! Granted, he likely got bumped out of the Best Actor category by either Shame's Michael Fassbender or J. Edgar's Leonardo DiCaprio, fine performances both. But Oldman has been cruising toward his first-ever Oscar nomination this year for his role in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and this may indicate a major speedbump in that plan. Representing such a small movie, he could have used all the publicity a Globe nomination brings-- and now it's all going to Ryan Gosling for The Ides Of March, a movie that I had basically forgotten existed. Come on Golden Globes, why can't you show a little love for Sirius Black here?

4. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close was robbed… probably. No one is actually allowed to review the new movie from Stephen Daldry yet, or even admit that they've seen it, but you can guarantee it was screened for the Hollywood Foreign Press, who then rewarded it with… nothing. Not even a spot in Best Picture Drama, which they went ahead and expanded to six anyway. It's a troubling sign for the last big bit of Oscar bait that's being kept under wraps-- is it being kept secret not as a strategy to win, but because it's not that effective? When the review embargo breaks we'll be finding out much more.

5. Steven Spielberg was robbed, but what are ya gonna do? War Horse managed to make it in for Best Picture Drama, and The Adventures of Tintin-- which is the better film, if you ask me-- was nominated for Best Animated Feature. But Spielberg, who directed both of them, somehow missed out on the Best Director category, which was filled with other worthy contenders like Woody Allen, Michel Hazanavicius and Alexander Payne. The one real outlier in there is George Clooney, who did a fine job directing The Ides of March but had basically been written off as an awards contender. I still think Clooney is likely a non-issue in the director category moving forward, and you can chalk up his presence here to the Hollywood Foreign Press and their famous love of movie stars. But still, Spielberg definitely deserved to be here-- he was robbed!

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