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If you’re a regular viewer of Fox’s Glee then you know that the series does include a teen in a wheelchair. Artie isn’t excluded from the musical numbers, which often include dancing. Some creative choreography demonstrates his ability to movie along with everyone else. Based on this trailer, Musical Chairs seems to combine drama, comedy, ballroom dancing and wheelchairs. There also seems to be a sort of comeback element to it.

According to the synopsis at iTunes, film follows Armando, a “Bronx-bred Latino” looking to break into the competitive ballroom dancing scene. He has to settle for working as a handyman at a prestigious dance studio, where “Upper East Side princess” Mia dances. After an accident cripples Mia, putting her in a wheelchair, she thinks her dance dreams are over. Then Armando attempts to get her to train with him in an upcoming wheelchair ballroom dance competition.

?Check out the trailer below...

As I’m a sucker for dance movies, this one will be added to my see-eventually list, especially factoring in the relatively original story being told by comparison to most dance movies. There's a good energy in the trailer, not just due to the upbeat song, but in the way we see Armando's passion for dancing. There could definitely be a great story in this one, not to mention great dancing. It’s releasing in select theaters on March 23rd.

The trailer above and the poster below mention that director Susan Seidelman helmed Desperately Seeking Susan, which is probably the most memorable project on her list, unless you count the 1989 She-Devil, which starred Meryl Streep, Ed Begley Jr. and Roseanne. Or Making Mr. Right, which had John Malkovich playing an emotionless human-like robot. In more recent years, she directed the 2005 film Boynton Beach Club.


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