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Must Watch: Kick-Ass Action Scene From The Raid

Last year's Toronto International Film Festival premiered many of the films that are now very much involved in the on-going awards race, but there was one title in particular that caught a lot of people's attention: Gareth Evans' The Raid. An epic action film out of Indonesia, critics that saw the movie during its midnight screening couldn't have loved it more and Screen Gems even purchased the remake rights so that it can make an English-language version. The first trailer for the film, which was released during the festival, was out-of-control awesome and it was immediately clear why so many people were excited about it. While it doesn't have an official release date yet, we can hope that the movie will find its way into theaters stateside this year, and in case you're not excited enough, MTV has released a nearly two minute clip that shows off just how amazing the movie is.

Check it out below.

Both written and directed by Evans, the movie follows an elite SWAT team that makes its move against a ruthless criminal kingpin by invading his 30-floor tenement building. The film is still making its tour around the festival circuit and will actually be making its domestic debut tomorrow at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Eric Eisenberg

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