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After Zack Snyder came to Comic Con and gave fans even more reason to be excited about his take on Watchmen, the buzz has built up to the point that even the soundtrack is news at this point. MTV Movies broke the story that Zack Snyder will be breaking his ban on pre-1985 music—kinda—by teaming up with My Chemical Romance to record a song for the soundtrack.

You may remember that during Comic Con, Snyder said The Smashing Pumpkins song heard in the Watchmen trailer, “The Beginning is the End is the Beginning,” would not be used in the movie because it was recorded after 1985, when the movie is set. And Snyder is sticking to that rule, using period-appropriate music to tell the story that spans several decades. But since My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way is a huge Watchmen fan, and contacted Snyder about participating in the soundtrack, the director made an exception. “We’re trying to work with them right now to put together possibly a song for the end titles.[They’ll perform] like a cover of “Desolation Row,” or something like that.”

“Desolation Row,” a Bob Dylan song from the Highway 61 Revisited album, is not only period-appropriate for pretty much any of the events in Watchmen, but, as the title might suggest, pretty fitting with the world the movie portrays. Just look at this lyric: “Now at midnight all the agents/And the superhuman crew/Come out and round up everyone/That knows more than they do.” Sounds pretty fitting for a cynical take on superheroes. (Edit: As pointed out by reader Dan, those lyrics are actually cited in the graphic novel. Guess it's about time I read the book, huh? Click here for the rest of the equally dark lyrics.)

Regardless of what My Chemical Romance chooses to cover, or how the song turns out, it’s exciting that Snyder is taking his job so seriously even when it comes to the soundtrack. For the moment he’s the director all the geeks can agree on, and now the music geeks can be happy too.