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Some of the worst things are inevitable. Ann Coulter will likely release a new book every couple of years until the Apocalypse because I imagine she will outlive even the worst of nuclear fallouts. In a capitalist nation, there will always be poor. And as long as people watch Transformers movies, there will always be more.

Yet, for all of their terrible aspects, it’s hard to deny the fact that Michael Bay’s character designs weren’t half bad; he just sucked at filming them. Part of the reason those designs were so great was digital artist Ben Procter, one of the artists who worked on the film. Concept Art World was able to get a hold of quite a few exclusive and never-before-seen concept art images from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and while most of it is stuff we’ve seen before, there are some unused characters in the mix as well.

Check out a couple of the images below and view the entire set over at Concept Art World.