Originally meant to hit theaters this past September, we still have another four months until we get to see the newest Philip K. Dick adaptation, The Adjustment Bureau. Some might remember that we saw the first full-length feature trailer for the film all the way back in May, but now we have the first poster for the film.

Directed by George Nolfi, Matt Damon plays a politician who falls for a ballerina, played by Emily Blunt. The problem, however, is that their relationship is not meant to be and a secret organization that controls the entire world is trying to keep them apart. Check out the poster below and then check out my thoughts on the artwork.

What we have here is a highly ambitious idea that simply falls flat. I really like the mysterious shadows cascading over the buildings, but where this one-sheet loses it is with the film's stars, Damon and Blunt. While I understand that it's meant to look like they are running away from the shadows, it instead looks like someone told them to pose like they are running instead of actually doing it. If taken from a side angle, not only could it create the illusion of movement (a la Catch Me If You Can), but it also wouldn't look like you are making a movie about two people who have had their legs amputated. Leave your own thoughts in the comments section below and for more about The Adjustment Bureau head on over to our Blend Film Database.

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