Nick Swardson Lashes Out At Moron Critics Who Hated Bucky Larson

Part of me respects “comedian” Nick Swardson for defending his dreadful “comedy” Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star. In an interview with Splitsider he levels blanket accusations at critics, and falls back on the laziest of defenses by claiming anyone who hated the film is a “moron” who decided they didn’t want to like the movie before even entering the theaters. And can you blame him? He allegedly worked hard on the film, and this was his shot to prove he had the chops to carry a film as a comedic lead.

Currently, Bucky Larson has a 0% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

That’s impressive … and damn near impossible. Even Taylor Lautner’s abysmal Abduction earned a 5% Fresh grade. That’s four more positive reviews from Team Jacob than Swardson’s “fans” could muster. That explains why the Bucky star was spitting venom on behalf of the second season of his sketch comedy show Pretend Time. When the conversation turned to Larson, Swardson started casually making excuses, saying the film had a small budget, and wasn’t based on a well-known SNL character.

All of which is true. And Swardson probably should have stopped there. Instead, he bitches at critics who, according to Swardson, went into Bucky on a headhunt and had no business reviewing his film because “comedy is subjective.” (Comedy also is supposed to be funny, but don’t tell Nick that.)

“You can't review Avatar then review Bucky Larson,” Swardson told his interviewer, marking the first and only time James Cameron’s Oscar winner would be mentioned in the same breath as Larson. “Comedy is so subjective, you know what I mean? To sit there and technically pick it apart is so stupid. We've never made movies for critics, so we could give a fuck.”

The feeling is mutual, sir.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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