Nicole Kidman has got a ton of projects on her plate, but that hasn't stopped her from adding yet another bullet point to her to-do list. Deadline reports that Kidman and Rabbit Hole producer Per Saari have partnered with Olympus Films to pick up the screen rights to the bestselling book The Family Fang, by first-time novelist Kevin Wilson. Kidman will produce and star in the film.

Having hit shelves this past August, The Family Fang tells the story of a family of performance artists. Well, that's not entirely accurate. It's about a married couple of performance artists who constantly enlisted their children into their eccentric acts -- whether the kids were interested in participating or not. Family Fang finds the now-grown children returning home, and their parents attempting to draft them one last time for a mysterious final performance. Naturally, the kids aren't thrilled by this, since both of them are less than nostalgic towards their untraditional upbringing.

There are no details as to which character Kidman would play, but at age 44 she's probably too young to be playing the mother. She'll likely be taking up the role of the daughter. Without having read the book myself, the concept sounds intriguing. It will be interesting to see how the family's dynamic fills out as they cast the other three family members. It sounds like it could have a big of the same vibe as Tim Burton's Big Fish, only without the elements of magical realism.

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