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The Academy Awards took a lot of heat last year for being out of touch and painfully dull. Of course, both are common complaints about the long-standing award show. Still, this year the Academy attempted to shake things up a bit by asking the often-outrageous Seth MacFarlane to host the event. Thankfully they've also brought back the live performances of Oscar-nominated songs, which should bring a bit of life and spirit to the proceedings.

Last week it was unveiled Adele would sing Skyfall's titular tune, marking the first time she'll perform the song live. Now The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has confirmed that Norah Jones will perform the Oscar-nominated “Everybody Needs a Best Friend,” from MacFarlane's surprise blockbuster Ted.

With music by Walter Murphy and lyrics by MacFarlane, the song is up against the aforementioned "Skyfall," Les Miserables's "Suddenly," Chasing Ice's "Before My Time," and Life of Pi's "Pi's Lullaby." Should “Everybody Needs a Best Friend” win the award for Best Original Song, the statues would go to Murphy and MacFarlane. Still, Oscar night will be a big night for Jones, as it will mark her first performance on the ceremony's hallowed stage.

The song itself is decidedly sweet and old school, seeming like something that would play in a Doris Day or Dean Martin movie. It purposely avoids the crude humor that helped make Ted such a hit, and instead speaks to the heart of the comedy, which is all about friendship. Revisit this chipper tune below:

The Academy Awards ceremony will air February 24th on ABC.