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Earlier this week we learned that regular Lost director Jack Bender would be finally stepping away from the small screen into features now that the show is over. Following in his footsteps is another long-time TV director looking to spread his wings with 90 pages rather than 30.

Randall Einhorn has signed on to direct Late Bloomer for Alcon Entertainment, according to Deadline. Anyone who watches Thursday night comedy on NBC has seen the name pop up in the credits for The Office and Parks and Recreation, as well as ABC's hilarious Modern Family and FX's It's Always Sunny. Apparently his reputation was so good on all of these shows that the actors called Alcon Entertainment to recommend they hire him.

Bloomer is the odd true story of a man who did not reach puberty until the age of 27 thanks to a rare disorder. That idea promises all kinds of zany hijinks attached to what will surely be a coming of age comedy starring someone that for once isn't Michael Cera. Joe Nussbaum, the genius behind George Lucas In Love (Google it, you won't regret it), handed over the first draft of the script adapted from Ken Baker's novel Man Made, with Paul Kaplan and Mark Torgrove slamming out a rewrite.

While The Office has been less than stellar the past few seasons, Einhorn's other efforts are as strong as ever and continually get better. With any luck, we'll have an Apatow-esque director's career to look forward to in the coming years.