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Leonardo DiCaprio is one of those actors constantly signed on to half a dozen projects, and it's always a shot in the dark as to which will actually get moving any time soon. But on the same day that a j. Edgar Hoover biopic popped up out of nowhere to grab his attention, a project that DiCaprio has been attached to for a while has had life breathed into it as well.

THR is now reporting that Oliver Stone may be interested in directing DiCaprio in Travis McGee, an adaptation of the first of a series of detective novels by John D. MacDonald, about a Florida-based detective.

Of course, Stone coming on board means absolutely nothing for when the project will happen, and given the way Clint Eastwood likes to put his project together, DiCaprio will likely soon be tied up with Hoover. But it's an interesting development for a director who has most recently been revisiting his own past with Wall Street 2, and a collaboration I wouldn't mind seeing.

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