For some of the people nominated for an Oscar this Sunday, they'll be biting their nails until the moment the envelope is opened, trapped in a tight race where the winner is unclear (Ang Lee and Steven Spielberg should be taking plenty of antacids between now and then). But for others, they probably know perfectly well they'll be showing up and smiling but not stepping up to the stage--Denzel Washington can probably enjoy a cozy night, knowing that Daniel Day-Lewis is taking home that Best Actor prize.

But Washington and his fellow losers may wind up taking home something much heftier and gaudier-- or, in fact, it's being sent to their home for them. The Guardian has the scoop on the "consolation prize" goody bag worth $45,000 that will be sent by the marketing firm Distinctive Assets to all Oscar contenders who don't take home a statue (they're not affiliated with the Academy, if you're worried about the ethical implications here). Like most other goody bags it's full of branding opportunities, but it's a whole lot more impressive than what you were handed at your last corporate retreat. Oscar's also-rans will have the chance to take free trips to Australia, Hawaii and Mexico, cash in on sessions of personal training, acupuncture and aromatherapy, and even sign their kids up for free circus classes. The basket also includes "portion-controlled dinnerware," even though I imagine the first thing you do when going home from the Oscars is eat all the food you haven't allowed yourself for fear of red carpet cameras.

Losing out on an Oscar has to be disappointing, no matter how likely you are to actually win it-- I imagine the producers of Amour are going into Sunday's ceremony with just a sliver of hope that they might somehow take home Best Picture. But the fact that these gift baskets exist-- and are really just the tip of the iceberg of the stuff thrown at Oscar nominees during the season-- is proof that being nominated for an Oscar isn't a bad gig at all, no matter how your fate goes at the ceremony itself. Even scowling Joaquin Phoenix is probably happy to be there.

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