If your film wins an Oscar, you may need to resist the urge to celebrate with any kind of physical display beyond clapping, smiling or crying, or risk being tossed out of the theater by security. This was a lesson Paperman producer Kristina Reed learned the hard way during last night's Oscars. One of the producers of the charming, Oscar-winning Disney animated short was temporarily removed from the theater by security when she reportedly began throwing a few paper airplanes out into the audience after the short won its Oscar.

If you've seen the Paperman animated short, which was released before Disney's Wreck-It Ralph last year, then you understand the significance of the paper airplanes. The story follows a man who meets a pretty woman on a train platform, and later attempts to get her attention by flying paper airplanes from his building to hers. From what THR reports, it doesn't sound like Kristina Reed was trying to disrupt the ceremony when she reacted to the short film's win by flying three or four lipstick-kissed paper airplanes from her mezzanine seat. She wasn't near the stage.

Security apparently didn't find the demonstration of her enthusiasm so charming though, and promptly removed Reed from the Dolby Theater auditorium. A bit of protesting brought her back five or ten minutes later, so she didn't miss much. In the meantime, those who might be considering bringing confetti or some other physical display of enthusiasm in the event that their movie wins an award in the future might reconsider that plan.

If you haven't seen the short, take six minutes and thirty-three seconds and watch the video below. The animation, story and music are all truly excellent and worthy of the award the short won. And Reed's demonstration of affection for the film will make a bit more sense when you see what this man was willing to do to get a lady's attention.

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