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New Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer: You Demanded It

Remember how Paranormal Activity pulled off its surprise box office success largely by advertising the audience experience rather than the movie itself? They knew that the actual film contained more tension than frightening imagery, so all the TV ads showed footage of audiences jumping in their seats or screaming during screenings. The gambit worked, the movie made $107 million off a microscopic budget, and now we've got a sequel that wants to pull off the same trick.

Of course, no one has seen Paranormal Activity 2 yet, so the film's new trailer is back to showing you the audience responding to the first movie, and swearing up and down the new one will be just as scary. Quite honestly, it looks like that's true-- the infant standing straight up in the crib is a terrifying image-- but I can't blame them for overselling a bit. Check out the new trailer below, and prepare to be scared in theaters on October 22.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend