The Paranormal Activity franchise hasn't yet established continuity when it comes to the folks sitting in the director's chair. The first movie, of course, was directed by Oren Peli (who has served as a producer on the two films that followed), but Paranormal Activity 2 was made by Tod Williams, while Catfish filmmakers Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost were put in charge of Paranormal Activity 3. The most recent film, which broke October and fall records when it was released last year, was seen as a rebound for the series by many, as it added a few more new elements and was less tedious than the second movie, so it would seem that Paramount is making the smart call and bringing back the filmmakers for the fourth film.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost have been confirmed as the directors of Paranormal Activity 4. The project has been developing extremely quickly since the start of the new year, as it was officially announced on Monday and yesterday brought an official release date. Made for only $5 million, Paranormal Activity 3 brought in $104 million domestically and $203 million internationally,giving it one of the best budget-to-box office ratios of all time.

I was pretty luke-warm on Paranormal Activity 3. At this point the franchise has found its core audience and doesn't really need to do any heavy-lifting in order to keep the crowds satisfied. Even before today we could have guessed that Paranormal Activity 4 was going to follow the same formula as the previous films, but this pretty much confirms it.

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