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Sure, there is a never-ending line-up of found-footage horror movies continuously heading straight to DVD, but recently our theaters have been in remission. Don’t go getting all thankful for it, though, since Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones will hit cinemas at the beginning of next year, and Paramount really wants your shoes to be shaking by the time you get there. The above international trailer does a good job of reminding people that the P.A. series is capable of some pretty strange scares. Can this film possibly be enough to get the sour, rancid taste out of my mouth that Paranormal Activity 4 tried to cement in there?

To say that I’m "super excited" about The Marked Ones is a stretch, but I am looking forward to it, as it is the only entry into this series that will actually take the action outside a huge home owned by petty white people, and there is a larger story to tell beyond all walls. And it’s a story that apparently involves young girls with no eyes, black magic and people who don’t know how to put the goddamned camera down like they want to live to tell the tale.

This Latino spinoff tells the story of Jesse (Andrew Jacobs) and some friends who go into the apartment of a strange woman who dies under mysterious circumstances. The apartment is filled with crazy ritualistic stuff and video tapes. And then everyone is marked! Which is bad, right? They get powers, but apparently these are powers of the devil or something, which then turns them into devils maybe. Not quite sure. But one of the females is related to the franchise characters Katie and Kristi. OMG!

Director Christopher Landon worked on several of the previous features, so he’s well-versed in making the camera shake all over the place while interjecting spooky shit. I’m really glad he’s upping the ante on the paranormal side of things, as the third series entry was the only one that worked for me, mostly due to things getting absurdly weird. I also happen to like movies where dumbasses snoop around mysterious places and eventually pay for their actions. I just wish they would have left the handheld camera part out of it, or even just added it into a traditionally shot film. Just once.

Thanks to ComingSoon for the above trailer, and now check out the U.S. trailer, which features far more partying before the ghost shit hits the fan.

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