I'm skeptical about this story because of its proximity to the holiday that shall not be named, but the trades don't usually play in trickery, so I'm going with it for now. THR is reporting that Paul Greengrass is interested in directing a Fantastic Voyage remake for Fox.

The project has been in development with all kinds of directors attached, most recently Roland Emmerich, and last December James Cameron announced he had signed on to produce the film along with his company Lightstorm Entertainment. Greengrass's take, according to THR, would stick closely to the original story of scientists shrunk to microscopic size in order to enter a person's body, though naturally they'll remove the fact that the patient is a Soviet scientist ready to give his secrets to the good old US of A.

Given Cameron's involvement, it is obvious that the movie will mark Greengrass's foray into 3D. Obviously it's a project guaranteed to make more money than Green Zone, but is this the direction we want to see a fascinating guy like Greengrass go? And more importantly, those of you who rode the old Body Wars ride at Epcot and got motion sick from it-- are you afraid Greengrass and his shaky cam will have the exact same effect? I might need an employee from the World Shoscase to help me off this one.

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