This People Barking Like Dogs Supercut Is Remarkably Weird

What’s the quickest way to stop a conversation you really don’t want to have? Bark like a dog. If you’re not laughing yet, you will be after taking a look at this montage of classic scenes where people starting barking like dogs, it’s remarkably weird.

In the YouTube video by Wiseguy Pictures, numerous movie scenes—that you’re probably familiar with—are mashed together into a hilarious montage of people barking like dogs. Over the years, it’s surprising how many movies have featured people barking like dogs, but what’s even more amazing is the fact that each and every time someone starts barking, the scene pretty much stops. Eddie Murphy’s character in Coming to America, shown in the video, pretty much nails it when he looks into the camera when his bride-to-be starts barking like a dog in front of him.

Who can stop laughing at this unique video? There’s just something odd, and funny, about someone barking. As you may have noticed in the clip, it completely brings the conversation to a halt. Rightfully so, who wants to continue a conversation with someone who is behaving like an animal? Who knows if people barking like dogs are geniuses or if something may be wrong, but it sure makes for memorable scenes in some of our favorite movies, no matter what the genre.

The video featured hilarious moments in film going all the way back to the mid-20th century to present day, highlighting characters like the Our Gang-- also known as The Little Rascals—and the Three Stooges to Macaulay Culkin’s character in Home Alone. But comedies aren’t the only film genre featured in the montage. As it turns out, there are quite a few dramatic films that have moments where people are barking like dogs.

The biggest difference in a comedy when someone is barking like a dog is that it may prompt you to smile and perhaps laugh along with character barking, but when you’re watching a drama and one of the characters starts to bark, you’re likely to have a much different reaction. You may have a reaction more kindred to fear in addition to questioning the sanity of the person barking. Case in point: Sandra Bullock’s character in Gravity. When she starts barking like a dog there was definitely a clear indication that her character was having a breakdown, which makes sense given that she really thought she was about to die in space.

Another thing you may have noticed in the video from the more dramatic films is the angry bark. Although it is funny, it almost always also indicates a clear and present danger. Not that the fact that someone barking to begin with doesn’t say that much.