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Macaulay Culkin Uses Classic 80s Movie To Tell The World He's Not Dead

Saturday evening, Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin joined the ranks of Wayne Knight, Jeff Goldblum and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as a celebrity reported dead on social media. Thankfully, the 34-year-old Culkin is alive and kicking, and he used the culprit - -social media – to celebrate his continued existence:

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Inspired by the news of his death, Macaulay Culkin decided to plug himself into the title role of Bernie from Weekend at Bernie’s, forcing the members of his band, The Pizza Underground, to carry him around. They didn’t stop there, though. According to the next post on Culkin’s Instagram, he also tried the Bernie gag on stage at The Belmont:

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With all of those phones pointing at "dead" Macaulay Culkin on stage, you’d think one of those Millenials would have thought to post the footage on YouTube. It’s not up yet, however. Which just means we have to share the Weekend at Bernie’s trailer. Better yet, here’s the trailer for the sequel. Because SOMEHOW, the comedy about two guys walking around with a corpse warranted a sequel.

As for Macaulay Culkin, he’s alive, well and rocking. Keep eating those pizzas, sir.

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