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Perfect Sense Trailer: Eva Green Stands By Her Man Ewan McGregor

Amid all the usual expected indies about fractured families and personal journeys undertaken by 20-something people at this year's Sundance Film Festival, there was Perfect Sense, a thriller starring Ewan McGregor and Eva Green that seemed a lot more, well, fun than the other stuff. Nearly a year after that festival Perfect Sense is finally getting ready to come to theaters, and the film's first trailer has gone online at Yahoo!. You can watch it there or embedded below.

When you watch the trailer you get a better sense of how this works as a Sundance-y type drama-- though it's set in a world in which people are losing their senses one by one, it seems to be more of a romance between McGregor, whose character is the one literally losing his senses, and Green, who loves him anyway-- though apparently she eventually starts losing her own senses as well. The film has already been released in the UK, where it met at least one unpleasant review that called it "uncompromisingly daft," though another called it "astutely pitched" and "playful, yet also a serious and powerful musing on what makes us human." Either way you'll get to find out for yourself-- Perfect Sense come to theaters courtesy of IFC Films on February 3 next year. It might not be quite the critical success of Ewan McGregor's last film, Beginners, but it might be fun and romantic enough for those dark February months.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend