Photos From Kristen Stewart's Stripper Movie

There are only two career paths for any young, newly famous Hollywood starlet. The first path leads down the road of endless, horrible horror movies in which you’re asked to scream while men attack you over and over and over again. The second leads to a stripper movie where you’re groped by men and then if you’re lucky later you’ll do something in which you ugly up and start dancing for Oscars. Kristen Stewart has chosen option two.

Real Loop has pictures from Kristen Stewart’s upcoming stripper movie, Welcome to the Rileys. The film is about a troubled young stripper who reunites a grieving couple after the death of their daughter. From the look of things in Kristen’s pictures, she reunites them with a threesome. But according to the plot synopsis on IMDB it’s not quite that seedy. She grinds on the husband’s knee (James Gandolfini), offers to sleep with him for money, then befriends him and becomes intertwined in their lives.

Check out a few of the pictures below. Even more over at Reel Loop.

And in answer to your inevitable question, yes Kristen filmed several nude scenes for the film. No we don't know if any of them will actually make it into the final cut. The movie debuts at the Sundance Film Festival in January. Expect to hear a lot more about it then.

Josh Tyler