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Photos: Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Matthew McConaughey Also Have Old-Timey Lookalikes

I was as amused as everybody else when one possibly crazy eBay seller claimed he had photographic evidence that Nicolas Cage was a vampire, based on a photo of a doppelganger apparently from 1870. Then I was a little irritated when a second person followed suit, attempting to sell a similar photo but this one showing Vampire John Travolta. Now the mini-trend has taken a new twist thanks to British tabloid The Daily Mail, but believe it or not, they've made it entertaining all over again.

Instead of trying to jump on the fake Civil War vampire bandwagon-- that's soooo overplayed, don't you know?-- the Daily Mail simply dug up old timey photos and tried to match them to famous people, without even pretending they might be reincarnated or undead or whatever. It's surprisingly fun, like a variation on digging up old family photos and trying to figure out which of your relatives you look like. Some are more effective than others-- their choice for Jeremy Renner looks way more like Eric Bana if you ask me-- but the Matthew McConaughey and Joseph Gordon-Levitt picks are pretty dead on. You can check those two out below.

I have no idea why this little game is suddenly in vogue, or how many people are actually going to start digging through old history books to figure out which other celebrities had look-alikes living in the Victorian age, but I find it amusing for some reason. So long as you're not trying to pull one over on me and just want to entertain me for 5 minutes in the middle of the day, I'll take it.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend