Pics From Roth's Hostel

The trailer for Hostel asks the question: “What if you could fulfill your ever fantasy?” The thing is, most of my fantasies involve a harem. I’m not sure what sort of person is in to these fantasies… but I do know I wouldn’t want to meet them.

I know I know, they don’t mean the film is for people in the audience with those fantasies, it’s the premise of the movie that sick, twisted, psychos have a sort of resort. But I get the sense that it really is also for the really depraved horror freaks who fantasize about hacking off limbs and strapping on a leather mask to run out and torture. God I hate the world.

Anyway, Hostel is the next horror film from Eli Roth, who won acclaim from horror freaks for his last movie Cabin Fever. The movie is presented by Quentin Tarantino… as a lot of things these days seem to be. I wonder what kind of living you can make as a professional movie presenter?

Check out the trailer at the link below, and then scroll down for all the stills from it that have been handed off to us from Lions Gate.

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