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Picture Of Captain America In The Incredible Hulk

The confusion over whether or not Captain America is actually in The Incredible Hulk continues. Let’s trace the timeline for a minute, before we get into the latest news on what’s up this mess:

June 6: Originally here, Hulk director Louis Letterier said: “In Iron Man there’s the Captain America shield somewhere. Well in Hulk, you might see Captain America himself.” Remember the part where he said “Captain America himself”. It’s going to be relevant later.

June 9: I see The Incredible Hulk, and Captain America is nowhere to be found.

June 10: Louis Letterier reveals that a full 70 minutes were cut from The Incredible Hulk, and will only be available on DVD. Read that here.

June 11: Louis Letterier talks about some of the footage which is in the 70 minutes cut from the film. He describes a journey by Bruce Banner into the Arctic and says, “…when Bruce arrives at his destination he meets up with Captain America!” Since he’s discussing the extra footage on the DVD, we all assume here that this means the Captain America scene will not be in the movie, but be on the DVD.

That brings us to today, when the folks over at Latino Review interview Incredible Hulk producer Gale Anne Hurd. When asked what Louis Letterier meant when he said Captain America was in the film, she says: “He didn't really mean the character of Captain America, unless there's something that I don't know. It's the serum.” Basically, she’s saying Captain America isn’t in the film at all. Not in the theatrical cut and not on the DVD. Except Louis Letterier was pretty clear in saying that it was the character of Captain America.

Remember that quote I told you to remember? The one where he said “you might see Captain America himself.” He didn’t say you’d see the serum that makes Captain America or something associated with Captain America, he said “Captain America himself.” Plus, on June 11 he talked about Hulk seeing Captain America in the Arctic. The serum isn’t in the Arctic…. Heck the Arctic isn’t even in the theatrical cut at all, yet I’ve seen the serum scene that Hurd is talking about. In fact, the picture I posted above is the scene in question. That blue stuff in the vial? That’s what Hurd is talking about. That’s Captain America. I’ll post a bigger version of it below.

It’s really starting to look like Louis Letterier is simply a liar, touting a cameo in hopes of luring more people into buying tickets to his movie, even though no such cameo exists. If that’s really what’s going on, that is not at all cool. Fans deserve better than to be lied to.