Posterplex: 1408, Resident Evil 3

Two new movie posters have just hit the internet. One for an under the radar horror movie, the other for yet another in this summer's long string of third sequel movies.

First, the long awaited teaser poster for John Cusack’s creepy cool looking new ghosts in a hotel room horror movie 1408. I think I was expecting something involving a shot of the hotel room door with the number “1408” displayed prominently on it. Maybe that would have been too obvious, but this poster looks like it belongs with the year’s other hotel thriller Vacancy to me, not 1408. Check it out:

Next, the first teaser poster for Resident Evil: Extinction. The hero holding two guns poster has pretty much been done to death by now, but the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign half-buried in the sand is a nice touch. If Alice ends up fighting zombies in the rotting, post-apocalyptic corpse of the Las Vegas strip, Resident Evil 3 could be kind of cool. Check out the poster:

Josh Tyler