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As it turns out, summer is practically right around the corner. Two months from now Iron Man 2 premieres, and from there it's a quick jaunt through May before we get the biggest video game adaptation of the summer, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Disney is committed to making sure you don't forget about Jake Gyllenhaal and his abs, so a new trailer for the film as debuted over at IGN.

Being the second trailer, it's allowed to go a little more into the plot in addition to focusing on the nonstop action. Of course, the plot is preposterous-- it's a movie about a dagger that can turn back time, for Christ's sake-- but I'm at least glad they're bothering to explain it to us. This trailer makes it clearer than ever that Disney is aiming for another Pirates-style franchise with this one, and despite the absence of a Jack Sparrow character, the banter between Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton at least keep the tone Pirates-esque. Prince of Persia is far from overtaking Iron Man 2 as my most anticipated movie of May, but trailer like this one at least pique my interest. Check it out below.

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