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It's practically impossible for a found footage film to have poor results at the box office. As I noted a few weeks ago in my Great Debate with Katey over the future of found footage, even Apollo 18, which only made $17 million during its domestic run and $7 million internationally, managed to make more than five times its budget in ticket sales. Because of this there is no doubt that the format is going to be around for a long, long time. But because Hollywood, as always, has a really hard time producing original ideas, what this really means is that we are going to see a lot of found footage sequels, and that's exactly what Warner Bros. is planning for Project X.

With the party film's having a moderately successful opening weekend, in which it opened at number two and made $21 million, Warner Bros. has brought back screenwriter Michael Bacall - who co-wrote the first film with Matt Drake - to create a treatment for a potential Project X 2. THR says that the movie's future will depend on producers Todd Phillips and Joel Silver, who, it seems, would return for a potential sequel. The trade says that it's unknown if the first film's three main actors - Thomas Mann, Oliver Cooper and Jonathan Brown - have options for another movie, but the probability is high.Project X followed three high school friends who decide to try and take one final stab at popularity by throwing a party. As the shindig grows and grows, however, things begin to widely escalate out of control.

Bacall's other credits include Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and the upcoming 21 Jump Street.

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