The Purpose Of Star Trek Beyond's New Space Station, According To Simon Pegg

Star Trek Beyond released a new trailer that many agree was an improvement over the Beastie Boys-infused motocross action of the first trailer. The new trailer is more in line with what we’ve come to expect from Star Trek, and there were lots of new goodies to ogle at. One such goodie was the reveal of a new space satellite/port that appeared several times. Fans wondered what exactly this place was and its importance to the film, and luckily Simon Pegg was willing to dish on some details.


While speaking with IGN’s Scott Callura, Simon Pegg (who plays Scotty and also co-wrote the film) was asked about the mysterious space station and if it had any significance in the movie. Pegg revealed that the station was called Starbase Yorktown, located on the edge of Federation space. It serves as a check-in station of sorts for Federation crewmates to unwind from a long day of exploring. He continued:

It's a kind of diplomatic hub. It's where all the most recent Federation inductees can come and mingle with each other and learn about each other. It's a kind of lovely...

I want to go to there. A mingling of different cultures is the backbone of Star Trek, and it’s awesome to see that there will be more representation of that in the film. Based on the trailers, Starbase Yorktown looks massive and it appears to have its own type of curved gravity, much like type seen on the ship at the end of Interstellar. Its got a really interesting look to it and I like the blend of nature and science it has going on. Simon Pegg elaborated further on the role the base will have in the film.

It's basically a place where they can go, where they can better understand what being part of the Federation means. It's an important kind of tactical establishment for the Federation. It's been built locally, so it's very interesting to look at, but it's where the Enterprise docks up. [This is] the first time in like 10 months [that the Enterprise has] had kind of proper contact with other people, and that's where the story begins,

Oh, Simon Pegg, you’re saying all the right things. It’s basically a place where the crew can go and work out their cabin fever. I really like the idea of the Kirk and the gang meeting and bonding with different kinds of aliens after having only each other to talk to for 10 months. It sounds like Starbase Yorktown will be a physical symbol for what the Federation stands for, so it’s as good a place as any for Idris Elba’s new villain Krall to direct all of his anger at the Federation towards.


You explore can Starbase Yorktown and fantasize about living there when it appears in Star Trek Beyond, which hits theaters this summer on July 22. 

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