Transformers 2 was one of the most widely panned films of all time. What with it's racist twins and wrecking ball nuts, why would anyone want to see another one of these? The movie made metric pant loads of cash so obviously, despite the world thinking the last film was terrible, Michael Bay is still forcing Transformers 3 on us.

Another spy video has surfaced on Youtube showcasing roughly 30 seconds of fairly boring footage, but gives you your first blurry look at some possible new Autobots. There are three cars involved; the familiar Chevy Camero alter ego of Bumblebee, a red Ferrari, and a silver Chevy Corvette that the interwebs seems to think is an updated version of Transformers 2's Sideswipe. It's anyone's guess as to who the Ferrari will turn out to be. I bet it'll turn into a rolling ATM and spit money at Michael Bay, who will just roll in it as his box office receipts inexplicably skyrocket.

Production is chugging right along on this threequel and if I know anything about the popcorn side of the industry, we should start seeing teasers pretty soon since we're nearing July 1st, one year before the film's release. Check out this footage below and sound off in the comments about how you feel about this movie and the franchise as a whole.

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