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While I have never been a big fan of Brian DePalma's, I have even less hope for his next feature. Titled Passion, the film is a remake of a French movie called Love Crime, which, by itself, was far too long, remarkably convoluted and featured little payoff (so you can see why DePalma is drawn to it). Add in the fact that three of his most recent efforts include The Black Dahlia, Mission To Mars and Femme Fatale, and there's very little reason to get overly excited for his next project. That said, his choice of female leads is pretty damn intriguing.

With Noomi Rapace already set to star, Thompson on Hollywood is reporting that Rachel McAdams is now in talks to star alongside her. The film is about a young woman who takes revenge on an older female executive who has taken advantage of the protagonist one too many times. Seeing as McAdams and Rapace are only a year apart in age, it's hard to tell who will play which role and the article doesn't specify (the parts were originally played by Kristin Scott Thomas and Ludivine Sagnier, who are 19 years apart). In a fun twist, both actresses star in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, which is set to come out this Friday. The film is looking to start production in March of next year in Berlin.

If this story is true, I think DePalma is making a big mistake. As much as I didn't like the film, the dynamic between Thomas and Sagnier was interesting because of the boss-protege relationship. If you make the characters the same age then you are taking away one of the few things about the movie that actually worked. Still, McAdams and Rapace are both talented actresses, so maybe they can work with what DePalma gives them.

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