The beauty of being Wes Anderson is that most everyone in Hollywood would like a shot at working on one of your cinematic dioramas. Bruce Willis? Come aboard. Gene Hackman? Wes has the perfect role for you. Adrian Brody? Yes, you are going to be Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman’s brother. We’re all friends here. So when I tell you that Ralph Fiennes is ready to join Bill Murray, Jude Law and Angela Lansbury for the next Anderson film, does it really surprise anyone?

Variety breaks the news that Fiennes has signed on to Anderson’s ensemble for The Grand Budapest Hotel, where he’ll play M. Gustave, “the hotel’s perfectly composed concierge.” From what we’ve heard, Budapest will be filming in Germany for at least part of its production schedule, though Anderson does a pretty great job at keeping details of his films under wraps until they’re about ready to drop into theaters.

Fiennes, meanwhile, has been all over the board when it comes to his post-Harry Potter films, where he played evil incarnate, Lord Voldemort. He dabbled in Shakespeare for Coriolanis (which he directed). He collaborated with Mike Newell for an adaptation of Dickens’ Great Expectations. He’ll be seen in a Bond thriller next month. Don’t dare try to pigeonhole this versatile actor. He’s up for anything … including a potentially dry and sardonic Anderson comedy.

The Grand Budapest Hotel should be in theaters on Dec. 26, 2014. But I highly doubt Anderson is done casting. There are a lot of rooms to fill in this grand hotel. Stay tuned.

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