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Later this week, Skyfall, the twenty-third James Bond film in the Eon Productions canon, will be released in the United States. The newest effort has earned rave reviews from those of us here at Cinema Blend and an overwhelming majority of reviewers around the world. Because I love all things 007 and because I wanted to get a more specific idea of just how good the film is, I went back and watched all twenty-two of the proceeding films in the franchise over the past few weeks.

Some of them were better than I remembered, and some of them were far worse. After careful consideration and about twenty last minute changes, I settled on an ordered list of all twenty-three entries. Yesterday, I published films 23 through 16, and today, I’m continuing the list with my picks for 15 through 11. You can check back tomorrow for the next set.

Until then, read over my choices and take to the comment section to tell me why I’m wrong…

15) 2002’s Die Another Day
None of the Pierce Brosnan Bond movies are particularly realistic, but Die Another Day is so cartoony it probably should have starred Roger Moore. It offers DNA restructuring surgery, a henchmen with diamonds embedded in his face, a scene that may have been written after the scribe watched Weekend At Bernies, an ice palace, elaborate disguises, a villain who doesn’t sleep and a solar energy satellite ray named Icarus. If only director Lee Tamahori could CGI Jaws in, he would seriously give Moonraker a run on the ridiculous scale.

Speaking of which, the CGI in this movie is horrendous. The surfing scene looks like all of the skiing shots in the old Bond films, and some of the nonsense with the laser is too goofy to be taken seriously. Die Another Day also has way too many slow motion shots, and using the opening credits to advance the plot is a miserable idea.

That being said, Jinx and Miranda Frost are both interesting female characters, and some of the fencing scenes are top notch. 007 should wind up in extended captivity now and again given his occupation, and the rotating laser fight is actually a pretty inventive idea, even if it doesn’t totally come off. I also like Toby Stephens as entrepreneur Gustav Graves, and a special shout out should be given to Samantha Bond who turns in her last of four good performances as Miss Moneypenny here.

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