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Rashida Jones And Matt Bomer Join Seth Rogen In B.O.O.: Bureau Of Otherworldly Operations

I probably look forward to animated feature films more than any grown man should, and the plotline of the upcoming B.O.O. : Bureau of Otherworldly Operations might actually have me more jazzed than I am for Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur or Finding Dory. It’s a feeling that will no doubt deflate once actual footage from the film comes out, but that’s a long way away, seeing as they're still finding actors for the voice cast. Still, today The Wrap is reporting that the cast has just doubled in size, with Parks and Recreation’s Rashida Jones and White Collar’s Matt Bomer having both signed on to the DreamWorks Animation project.

Jones and Bomer join the already-cast Seth Rogen and Melissa McCarthy for the ghostly comedy, which will see Jones playing Rogen’s ex-wife, and Bomer playing her new husband (whose step-fathering skills are perfect for Rogen’s son). Sounds kind of like your average indie drama, right? Not exactly.

Rogen is playing Jackson Moss, a new ghost and agent of the titular top secret government agency B.O.O. - which exists to keep humans protected from evil ghosts and hauntings. Moss and his partner Watts (McCarthy) stumble upon a plot by B.O.O.’s Most Wanted Haunter to use his spectral army to destroy the agency. By saving B.O.O., Moss and Watts will also save the world! It isn’t clear where Moss’ family comes into the picture, but you can bet the situation described above won’t be as depressing as it sounds. I bet Bomer’s character will be and ultra-smarmy douchebag - the exact opposite of his Neil Caffrey character on White Collar.

Outside of his USA Network crime drama, Bomer has kept himself busy with roles in Steven Soderbergh's Magic Mike and in the animated direct-to-video feature Superman: Unbound, in which he proved his voicework skills as the Man of Steel himself. He’s currently filming Ryan Murphy’s AIDS drama The Normal Heart, and we’ll be able to see him next in Akiva Goldsman’s fantasy Winter’s Tale and in Jack Plotnick’s dramatic sci-fi comedy Space Station 76. I can’t wait for that one. No offense, Winter’s Tale.

Jones, meanwhile, recently announced that she would be leaving the Parks and Rec cast (along with Rob Lowe) during the show’s sixth season. Her last features were Lee Toland Krieger’s 2012 comedic romance Celeste & Jesse Forever and Steven Bernstein’s cancer drama Decoding Annie Parker earlier this year. She’ll next star in James Griffith’s salsa dancing comedy Cuban Fury, which hasn’t yet secured a U.S. release.

B.O.O. will be directed by Anthony Leonidis, who helmed 2008’s underrated Igor. He came up with the film’s original story, which was adapted into a full screenplay by Tom Wheeler (who wrote Puss in Boots and created the shortlived Fox series The Cape). I'm nervous that B.O.O. will fall into the mid-range of DreamWorks Animation flicks, but hopefully it has a…ghost of a chance. Please don’t hit me.

We’ll have to wait until June 5, 2015 to learn how it turns out.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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