Read The Touching Letter Arnold Schwarzenegger Wrote To A Sick Terminator Fan

Arnold Schwarzenegger will always be associated with The Terminator, the role that helped make him famous back in 1984. But people forget that the massive movie star is also a politician, a humanitarian, and a skilled people person – traits that have helped to keep him in the public eye for decades. When you read a story like this one, though, you are reminded of what Schwarzenegger, the total package, is able to accomplish, and it’s going to warm your heart.

Reddit user bizzjay (via THR) shared an incredible story of an interaction he and his father had with Arnold Schwarzenegger over the Internet. Bizzjay and his dad are huge Terminator fans, but a mental-health issue had prevented the father from attending movies recently. He agreed, however, to go see Terminator: Genisys with his son, though, knowing how important the sequel was to both men. The way the man recounts it, during a touching Genisys scene, he got to see his father smile for the first time in months.

He posted this story on Reddit… and got a reply from Arnold Schwarzenegger, himself! The Terminator posted a comment beneath the Reddit thread and wrote:

Wow. I'm in Korea on a whirlwind tour but you stopped me in my tracks. This is so touching. Thank you for sharing. I'd like to say ‘this is why I do this,’ but you should know it was you who made your father smile. It was your presence and caring. Happy birthday, you've got a lot of wisdom for 30 years."

At the THR link, you can also read a handwritten note that Schwarzenegger sent to the father-and-son duo, and see pictures of the two of them wearing T-800 sunglasses and holding a framed copy of the letter. It’s an amazing reminder of the goodwill power of celebrity, and a touching reminder of how important these massive film franchises can be for fans.

In Terminator: Genisys, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a different version of his classic T-800 robot, this time sent back to the 1970s, to protect Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) from a series of threats. This helps create an alternate timeline from the one with which we are familiar, and changes the destiny of Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney), John Connor (Jason Clarke) and Skynet, in general. The movie is playing in theaters right now, and reading about Schwarzenegger’s acts of kindness, I want to go back to the theater and pay to support Genisys a little more.

Sean O'Connell
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