The Reader Star David Kross Talks Sex With Kate Winslet

What's it like to pretend you're having sex with Kate Winslet? It's a weird question to be asked, and probably twice as weird if you're an 18-year-old German teenager who didn't know English all that well a year ago. But David Kross, the star of the new film The Reader, has been getting that question a lot lately-- and is always prepared with a good answer.

"Kate was very secure and she's a great actress, so that went alright," Kross said at an interview last week. "We started to make jokes about it at some point." You'll have to check later for our interview with Winslet to know what those jokes were, but suffice it to say they did the trick for making newbie actor Kross comfortable with taking it all off on camera.

"Of course I was very, very nervous when I realized that I had to do sex scenes. But then I talked to Stephen, and he was telling me I should focus on the difficult acting scenes, because they were more difficult to act. The sex scenes were very technical and not difficult to act, because they're thinking you do with your body." That's smart talk from someone who has just gotten his start acting, but now that he's made his debut in something as challenging as The Reader, Kross probably won't be treated as a newcomer much longer.

Check later today for our interview with Kate Winslet. The Reader opens today in limited release.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend