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At some point you'd think that police departments around the world would just start hiring action stars as part of their crime fighting units. A armed robber might not have a problem taking a few shots at a nameless, faceless policeman, but I would think even the toughest criminal would shit their pants at the sight of 1986-era Arnold Schwarzenegger or 1974-era Charles Bronson. If you're selecting one actor from today's line-up of stars, however, I'm not sure you can choose anyone other than Jason Statham, and this trailer proves why.

IGN has posted a new redband spot for Blitz, and while it seems like your typical Statham movie, that's just code for "it looks awesome." In the film, directed by Elliott Lester, a serial killer who targets police officers is on the loose and it is up to none-other-than Jason Statham to stop him.

Check out the trailer below.

I must say that I was actually kind of surprised how brutal this movie looks. Sure, American History X introduced the world to the curb stomp, but it's a bit different when a) the victim is looking up and b) you actually see boot enter face. I'm really just hoping that it serves to make the murderer look like a true monster so when Statham puts him down in the end audiences across the world will cheer. Blitz hits UK theaters on May 6.